Warm & Fuzzy Holidays for all!

Happy Holidays! Here’s a quick compilation of just some of the work we did for Nick Jr.’s Holiday promo branding. Houses produced and directed over 20 different stop motion vignettes, shot at Christopher Webb Films in Brooklyn. We also animated a complete graphics toolkit to compliment the stop motion IDs and Bumpers. Stay tuned for a thorough case study with BTS and full credits coming in the new year.

Poppin’ Fresh New Work

Check out the wacky promo we created for Nickelodeon’s new hit show Make It Pop! The scripted series follows the lives of 3 high schoolers trying to make it big as K-Pop inspired performers.

Spring Flings

Spring is in the air here in Brooklyn. What better time to look back at a few of the show packages we worked on that were wedding and pageant related. See, we do have a softer side.

Chopped Cookbook

Check out this fun little TVC we recently created for Food Network’s The Chopped Cookbook. Just like the book teaches you, we used what we had to make something great!

We just learned that the Chopped Cookbook debuted at #15 on the NYT Bestsellers list!

The Knowledge

Our pals at Rain asked us to help out with some titles and image treatments for a few short docs they were producing for Facebook Stories. Our favorite one, The Knowledge, tells about the experience of one man attempting to become a taxi driver in London. Check it out!

Wrapping Up 2013

Hi everyone, we are happy to be wrapping up a busy year here at Houses. What better way to finish off the year with a fun New Year’s Eve animation for the American Eagle electronic billboard in Times Square. See you all in 2014!

Facebook Stories – 2013 Year in Review

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Have a look back at how we all experienced life on Facebook in 2013. Big thanks to Rain NY for having us on this wild ride. We directed, designed, animated, and edited this summary of the year in only 8 days. Checkout the video on Facebook

We’ve posted the full project in our portfolio. Have a look here.

We’ve been nominated for a Webby! Please take the time to vote for us. Voting ends on April 25th, 2014.

Road to Sochi

Hey all! We just wrapped up a really fun project with the US Olympic Committee and the modern performance company Pilobolus. Working directly with Pilobolus, we helped them create a 5 minute film that will be premiered at the USOC event in Times Square NYC on October 29th. The event marks 100 days until the commencement of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The film will be screened at 7pm on six different Times Square electronic video boards simultaneously! Following the screening Pilobolus will perform live. Read more about the event here.

We’ve posted the full project in our portfolio. Have a look here.

Houses in Stop-Motion

We just finished shooting a stop-motion animation web video for Sephora. The cute video will promote their holiday packaging. This was a fun one that we produced 100% in house. We turned our conference room into a fabrication shop and then shooting stage for a little over a week. Be sure to check back in so you can see the video once Sephora has launched it.

We’ve posted the full project in our portfolio. Have a look here.