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Warm & Fuzzy Holidays for all!

Happy Holidays! Here’s a quick compilation of just some of the work we did for Nick Jr.’s Holiday promo branding. Houses produced and directed over 20 different stop motion vignettes, shot at Christopher Webb Films in Brooklyn. We also animated a complete graphics toolkit to compliment the stop motion IDs and Bumpers. Stay tuned for a thorough case study with BTS and full credits coming in the new year.

The Knowledge

Our pals at Rain asked us to help out with some titles and image treatments for a few short docs they were producing for Facebook Stories. Our favorite one, The Knowledge, tells about the experience of one man attempting to become a taxi driver in London. Check it out!

Freight Rail Works

Our pals over at Home Front Communications just brought us on for some logo removal on some speeding trains. There were quite a few shots with some odd angles that we had to tackle in just a few days. No problem for us though, we made sure those trains made it to their destination on time and looking better than when they left the station!

Lower Manhattan Blackout

I went over to the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights last week and took some panoramic photos. What I captured was Lower Manhattan while it was out of power from Hurricane Sandy. It’s not everyday that you get to see this so I wanted to share. My thoughts go out to all those in the tri-state area that were affected by the hurricane.