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Wrapping Up 2013

Hi everyone, we are happy to be wrapping up a busy year here at Houses. What better way to finish off the year with a fun New Year’s Eve animation for the American Eagle electronic billboard in Times Square. See you all in 2014!

Houses in Stop-Motion

We just finished shooting a stop-motion animation web video for Sephora. The cute video will promote their holiday packaging. This was a fun one that we produced 100% in house. We turned our conference room into a fabrication shop and then shooting stage for a little over a week. Be sure to check back in so you can see the video once Sephora has launched it.

We’ve posted the full project in our portfolio. Have a look here.

The Killer Speaks

The Killer Speaks premiere’s tonight! 4/11 at 10pm on A&E. Houses in Motion conceptualized and created the graphics package for the much anticipated series. The show premise revolves around interviews of convicted murderers and people associated with the case. It is a psychological look into the mind of a killer as they get to tell their story first hand and explain what drove them to commit these horrific crimes.

Try to catch the show open in the beginning as this was the major element of content creation on our end. We will be posting a more in-depth look into the package in our Work section in the coming weeks, so check back soon.



Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 everyone!! We just wanted to say we are looking forward to a new year with great projects and fun people. Hope everyone had a wonderful 2012 and is as psyched for 2013 as we are over here at Houses.

The image seen above is actually from an animation we did for NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. We were approached to design and animate a last minute show package for the live event held in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. With the tight turnaround we were able to deliver the graphics and still take some time off for the holidays, win win! Look for a more in depth showcase of the project in our Work section soon.


Houses divided

Earlier this year in the summer we came across these pennants and had to have them. Who knew these two teams would make it to the NLCS this year. That’s where we stand, John’s Cardinals and Dan’s Giants battle it out for the best in the National League.

Things are tense around the office and know only one can win, but we both find consolation in the fact that either way we have a Houses team representing the National League in the World Series this year!!