Sephora – Holiday Packaging

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We were super excited when Sephora came to us to create a stop-motion animation featuring their first ever line of holiday packaging. The playfully designed boxes, bags, and bubble packs served as great inspiration for the treatment we created. We transformed our conference room into a stage, while various other parts of our studio became the fabrication shop for the week of shooting. 
Once the studio was cleaned up we were able to get right to editing, clean-up and compositing for the final video. The cute transitions we animated sent this one right over the top. This was such a fun project to work on and get us in the holiday spirit (in August!).


Direction: Houses in Motion
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging: Maxwell Sorensen
DP & Gaffer: Luke Hrabal
2D Design and Animation: Tim Lines
Clean-up & Composite: Tim Lines, John Earle