Octopus Energy – TVC

Where No Octo Has Gone Before.

Octopus Energy

As  a green energy provider making big waves in Europe and beyond, we were thrilled to collaborate on a few sci-fi inspired TVCs for their entry into the US market. 

With their quirky pink mascot, Constantine, our new pals at Octopus Energy have proven to be so much fun to work with! They came with some great creative to incorporate their friendly octopus into some classic sci-fi to hit the target audience in Texas’ space belt. 

For the video above, we ran with their idea of a Tron inspired spot that could highlight the benefits of a free Amazon Prime membership deal. We took one of our favorite games from Tron, the Lightcycles, and crafted this high speed spot. We loved how the light trails on Tronstantine turned out. The over the top VO was the cherry on top.

Our first collaboration with the brand is featured below. To make their debut, the Octopus team wanted something epic to reveal Constantine. What could be better than an homage to 2021: A Space Odyssey?! 



Houses in Motion
Director: John Earle
Design: Nick Schoener, Brad Walter, Alex Trimpe
Animation: Alex Trimpe, Brad Walter
Sound Design & Mix: Explosion Robinson & Dan Jusino
VO Casting: Explosion Robinson