Osprey Funds – TVC

Gonna Fly Right into the Future.

Magnet Media

This was a fun an little TVC we created for Osprey Funds via Magnet Media. Osprey Funds offers traditional investors access to select Cryptocurrencies via their innovative products. Being ahead of the flock, they wanted a TVC that sets them apart for the tech heavy looks of other Crypto focused investments. 

Osprey requested something playful and funky, and if we could work in a nod to the artist Peter Max, that would be a big bonus. With that kind of brief, we dove right into these pop art inspired designs, with our stylized osprey bringing color to an otherwise drab world.


Houses in Motion
Director: John Earle
Design & Animation: Alex Trimpe & Nick Schoener
Sound Design: Dan Jusino
VO Casting: Lotas Productions
Audio Mix: Explosion Robinson