Nickelodeon – Nickmas Promo

T’was the Night Before Nickmas.


Our new pals at Nickelodeon’s social team wrote this Nick-ified take on The Night Before Christmas to promote their Slimetime broadcast of an NFL game on Xmas Day.

Now listen here, kids. Originally, they wanted a fully animated stop-motion film for this promo. But with the timeline and budget, that wouldn’t be possible. It was only 3 weeks until the big game! We didn’t give up though. 

Rather than scrapping the project, or telling them “that’s impossible!”, we came up with the option of just making a few select scenes. This would require some on-screen talent to fill in the rest of the spot. Thankfully, Nickelodeon had Nate Burelson at the ready!

With a plan in hand, Houses devised these series of vignettes to work with a handful of lines form the original script. We kept the same vibes of traditional stop-motion but created everything in CGI. This allowed us to stay on budget and on time. It ended up being a Merry Nick’s for all and for all a good night. 



Creative Director: John Earle
Design & Animation: Paul McMahon, James Hebers
Sound Design & Mix: Nickelodeon
Talent: Nate Burleson
Nickelodeon Social Media Strategist: Liza Herlands