Scholastic Book Fairs

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Scholastic Book Fairs

What an absolute JOY it has been to work with Scholastic Book Fairs over the past few years. We all have such fond memories of the Book Fairs from when we were children, so it was an honor to help spread some of that joy with our kids and yours. 

Deep into the pandemic, we were all searching for a return to normalcy. Scholastic partnered with Houses to craft a warm and sincere hype video to get schools excited for the return of the Book Fair. They wanted a reminder of what the Book Fair is for everyone, a reminder of the power of books, and coming together to celebrate them. 

Scholastic has access to a ton of fun IP to work with. However, that IP has a lot of restrictions on usage, especially in animation. Working within the limitations of the original IP holders, we crafted this fun and moving story celebrating the return of the Scholastic Book Fair trucks rolling through various locations. 

Everywhere the truck travels it encounters IP from Scholastic books, visiting city, suburban, and even underwater locales! Finally arriving at your local elementary school, the joy is unleashed with everyone coming together to celebrate books and the power of community!


For 2022, Scholastic wanted to switch it from from the sentimental, and move back to the sheer fun that the Book Fair brings to all. They wanted something full of energy and it needed to revolve around their tagline of “Bolder, Prouder, Stronger, Reader”.

Our response… let’s write a BANGER song that can serve as an anthem for the 2022-23 Book Fair season. A song celebrating the power of choice the Scholastic Book Fair gives every kid in the country.

We teamed up with once again with the amazing Zak Engel to craft an energetic musical score while expanding and fine tuning the lyrics written by Gianna and John. Once we had the song in place we dove into Scholastics pop-art inspired 2022 Branding.

While we originally wanted to do a live action shoot with kids under our own direction, the coronavirus had a different plan in mind. With cases surging, we nixed the live action plan and dove into existing Scholastic assets from an earlier still photography shoot. From there we were able to craft a story in staccato sequence all while expanding the fun branding and giving it life.


In addition to the Anthem videos, we’ve created dozens of Book Trailers for the Scholastic Book Fair. Here’s a sampling of a few of our favorites.


Houses in Motion
Director: John Earle
Design: Caroline Duffy, Nick Schoener, Alex Trimpe, John Earle, Michelle Romo
Animation: Nick Schoener, Alex Trimpe, John Earle, Corey Ryan
Original Music and Mix: Zak Engel
Sound Design: Zak Engel & Dan Jusino
Talent Casting: Zak Engel and Lotas Productions
Anthem Lyrics: Gianna Orzo, Zak Engel, John Earle
Trailers Copywriter: Gianna Orzo