Melissa & Doug – Mnemonic

It Take Two to Make a Thing Go Right.

Melissa & Doug via Edelman

We love working with kids brands, and there’s no better toy brand out there for little hands and minds than Melissa & Doug. We were stoked when Edelman tasked us with refreshing the iconic brand with a new Logo Mnemonic. Not only would we need a heartfelt visual element, but a compelling audio to create something memorable. Enter our longtime audio partner Explosion Robinson! 

Together we worked on developing both visual and sonic branding that would be true to Melissa & Doug and the multiple generations that have grown up with their toys. We presented dozens of ideas, from hyper narrative to extremely clean. We landed somewhere in between with M&D’s iconic toy wooden train as the hero of the animation. ExRob came with sonic play-up of the Melissa & Doug name that we all loved.  In the end, the client wanted to pare it back a bit and lean into the original sonic branding, but we were trilled with results we got along the way.



Houses in Motion
Creative Director: John Earle
Design & Animation: Alex Trimpe, Caroline Duffy, John Earle
Music & Sound Design: Explosion Robinson