Nick Jr. – Top Wing – Promo Package

Highway to the Dangerzone.

Nick Jr.

When Nick Jr came to us for help with Top Wing’s Season 2 promos, we wanted to lean into the fun, tropical vibes of their world on Big Swirl Island.  We turned to palm trees, tropical plants and a few show-specific elements to create an energetic collage of environments.

While we could have really pushed the boundaries with perspective here– enhancing the collage aspect and not establishing a true up vector– we understood that Top Wing’s audience needed something a little less complex. Tailoring the look to the young viewer, we created more traditional landscapes with just enough playful impossibilities.




Houses in Motion
Creative Director: John Earle
Design & Animation: Geoff Keough, John Earle

Nick Jr.
Project Manager: Justin Mushnick 
Character Animation: Scott Kennell