Houses is 7!

Lucky Number 7.

Houses in Motion

Houses is celebrating its 7th year of business! We decided to use some spare time to celebrate this milestone– calling on the design and animation techniques we enjoy most to create a series of wacky vignettes. From 3D animation, motion graphics and stop motion, to more traditional animations and even puppets… puppets we made. We had a blast putting this together. 

The fun we had creating this video was a great reminder of why we do what we do. We love it, it’s inventive, it allows us to be creative and a little bit ridiculous… what more could you want?



Houses in Motion
Creative Director: John Earle
Design & Animation: John Earle, Alex Trimpe, Katie Falk
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging: Katie Falk, John Earle
Puppeteers: Alex Trimpe, Katie Falk, Dan Jusino, John Earle
DP: Dan Jusino

Original Music & Sound Design: Explosion Robinson