Food Network – Wars

And That’s the Way the Cookies Crumble.

Food Network

We’re a big fan of Food Network’s ongoing series of war based pastry competitions. There’s Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars, Halloween Wars, & Holiday Wars. You can now add Cookie Wars and Holiday Wars: Champion Cake Off to this compendium!

Over the past few years we’ve been updating the show packages for each of the establish series and the creating the new ones to boot. It’s been a sweet challenge that we’re always happy to sink our teeth into.

While previous incarnations of the Wars franchise featured modern warfare, we wanted to establish a consistent look across the entire franchise. All of the elements are rendered in a similar playful look, that highlights the unique holiday or theme, and reflects back on the show set design in some way. For Holiday Wars, they’re on a X-mas tree farm, while Halloween Wars takes place in a spooky graveyard…

In addition to the Main Title, we developed a robust toolkit which featured L3s, Mortices, Menus, Timers, and animated Backgrounds.


Timelapse of a typical show package toolkit guide that shows users how to work with the customizable After Effects projects we create. Realtime runtime 13:30


Houses in Motion
CCO: John Earle
Design & Animation: Alex Trimpe, Nick Schoener, John Earle
Music & Sound Design: Dan Jusino