Timberland – Aerocore

Like a Shot in the Dark.

via Periera & O’Dell

We nearly jumped out of our shoes when Periera & O’Dell came to us to produce this spot for the great American brand, Timberland.

They needed a production company that could direct, shoot, and finish this teaser on a shoestring budget. Never daunted by funding challenges, we worked with POD to find the best solution to fit their creative needs and resources.  

Great ideas can come from a shot in the dark. To tease the Aerocore sole of these new active-boots, we wanted to slowly reveal the various aspects of the boot by recreating that abstract space where ideas come to life. We also couldn’t give away too much of the full boot, as this spot was to focus on the sole.

Shooting the product on black allowed for dramatic reveals and versatile light play. We painted with light to draw the viewer into the areas of interest. Rim lighting accentuates the design without giving away the final reveal.

From the darkness, we begin to see light that traces new, but familiar, forms… a tread pattern, detailed stitching, lacing, and the waffle of the heel.

Subtle post techniques were used to enhance the live action shoot, with added atmospherics and light play. This brought depth to each shot while unifying and elevating the overall look of the spot.

Clean typography animates on at key moments, highlighting the various features of the Aerocore technology. 

Finally, we emerge on a wider shot, the form complete yet not fully revealed. A flash of light illuminates the scene and the Aerocore Boot is fully visible, more than a sum of its parts.

To bring everything together, Explosion Robinson came through with some amazing sound design, making use of Formula 1 race cars, thunder, and abstract voids.


In the Director’s Cut, at top, we pushed for a more monochromatic palette. The Aerocore sole is actually a creamy white color. For this teaser, we preferred to push it in to cleaner white realm. We also kept the pace up with a snappier edit and more intense sound design.

The client needed to keep that creamy color and focus more on the text call outs. We obliged with a slightly slower paced edit, giving more time for the copy and keeping the ideas of FAST, LIGHT, and FREE.


We had a blast working on this spot. It really hit all of the things we love to do… Finding creative solutions through design and production practices that give a lot of value to both the client and agency. 


Houses in Motion
Director/Producer: John Earle
Edit: Nate Buchik, Tom Colella, John Earle
2D Animation & Composite: Seth Pomerantz
Shooting Boards: Joe Laney
Production Design: Tim McDonald
Shooting Studio: FX WRX
Cinematographer/TD: Chris Webb
AC: Dave Brickley
DIT: Dominick Pietrzak
Gaffer: Sam Jones
Grip: Rome Petersson
Tabletop Rigger: Oliver Jevremov
Swing/Utility: Lyon Taylor

Explosion Robinson
Sound Design

Periera & O’Dell
Creative Director: Juan Leguizamon
Producer: Tammy Lecker