Flight Plan – Show Graphics Package

Get Ready for Take Off.

New York Jets

When the caller ID at Houses displayed the New York Jets our adrenaline started pumping. Knowing how much fun we had working together last year, it was great to hear from them again. This go around the Jets were looking for a graphics show package for their Sunday morning program, Flight Plan. This show is one of their staples and talks all about the previous week’s game as well as the upcoming matchup. We got to throw our hat in the ring with a pitch that had three strong directions. The Jets ultimately chose our “refresh” option knowing they didn’t want to stray too far from the established branding fans have come to know and love.

Using footage of an airfield supplied by the Jets, football game coverage, and stock video of jet pilots/planes, master of the editorial and color grade, Lee Gingold, brought the Graphic Show Open to life. Gingold together with Creative Director Dan DeGloria worked on multiple cuts of varying lengths, sequence of clips, and tracks of music until they landed on the perfect combo of shots and rhythm. The Jets were pumped…everyone was pumped! Along with the Open, Houses designed and delivered Bumpers, Segment Title Cards, Mortise, LowerThirds, Transitions, Sponsor and Credit Bed. The half-hour program airs Sunday mornings at 11:30am on WCBS.