Oxygen – Dahmer Teaser

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words.


We do a lot of cute things here. This isn’t one of them! We’re happy to go dark when the opportunities arise. Our pals at Oxygen needed a teaser promo for their 2-hour special on Jeffery Dahmer, and came to us for our thoughtful and tactile approaches. We were a little freaked out by the content. Dahmer was a bad dude with a strange diet. Not only that, we learned he also liked to take photos of his victims and process. We needed to incorporate that into the teaser. Freaky!

Oxygen provided actual photos from Dahmer’s apartment and mug shots. We chose to design a collage of polaroids to create a portrait of the killer. We wanted these polaroids to feel like they were just picked from Dahmer’s bedroom floor. For that we got real film, grunged it up with dirt, burns, and fake blood. We even exposed the polaroids to get the classic imperfections you often see around the edges. From there, we shot 1° rotations of over a dozen blank photos. These could then be composited into the scene with the archival photos tracked in. Results were great, but we didn’t sleep well for a week!



Houses in Motion
Director/Producer: John Earle
Design: John Earle
Art Dept: Dalane Mason
Animation & Composite: Brad Walter, Peter Fink
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging: Maxwell Sorensen
DP: Dan Jusino