Buddy vs. Duff Promo

All’s Fair in Cake and War.

Food Network

Ace of Cakes was such a fun show to watch. The craftsmanship and artistry of those Charm City cake masters is just amazing. So the opportunity to work on another Duff Property was something we instantly jumped on. Buddy is classic NY/NJ over-the-top in style and attitude. We’re looking forward to watching this show. But you know who we’re rooting for, right?

Food Network came to us for a quick turnaround on a custom designed Promo Toolkit, with integrated typography and visual effects. They came with the edit and copy and we brought the rest. This was another super fun collaboration with Food Network crew. 


Houses in Motion
CCO: John Earle
Design: Brad Walter, John Earle
Animation & Composite: Brad Walter, Seth Pomerantz, Alex Trimpe, Jin Lee