Puma – Revolutions

An Energetic Romp Through the Decades.

via Rain NY

Puma – Revolutions was an excellent project for our team at Houses. The digital agency, Rain, came to us to help realize this brand lifestyle piece commemorating the 45th anniversary of the iconic Puma Suede sneaker. Rain wanted to showcase the history of the Suede with a punchy :45 that spans the decades from the 1968 Olympics through today.

The original brief was for a series of period reenactments showcasing notable events from each era. They would be tied together through a series of match cuts with the sneaker typically in the center of frame. Working closely with the director at Rain, and a calculator for the budget, we came to the conclusion that shooting on location wasn’t really an option. We offered the idea of a studio shoot for all scenes and transforming this video into history lesson in design as well.


We devised a way to integrate period inspired design and animation from each era into their respective scenes.  Saul Bass influenced the 1960s, psychedelia for the 70s,  eye burning neon and low-fi video games for the 80s, and so on. Happily everyone responded well to this direction and believed that it dramatically elevated the entire spot.

With the shots planned out, we began our mood boards and style frames for each of the eras. At the same time we were busy creating pre-vis for many of the shots, ensuring we had the proper equipment and techniques at the ready on the shoot days. Going into the shoot we had a strong understanding of where the graphics would live and how they would play out.

After two days of shooting, one on a green screen stage with talent and the other capturing  shoe elements with motion control rigs and other nifty robots, we brought everything back for editing and post work.

As our editor pulled selects of every shot, the designers and animators began building the environments and remaining design elements to populate the scenes. Over the next 2 weeks we built out everything and even created a few new sections along the way.

During the final week, we fine tuned all of the elements and created period appropriate color grades and artifacting to drive home the period scenes. The final piece came together in the energetic romp through the decades you see here! Throw on your Suedes and appreciate the history you’re stepping through.


Houses in Motion
Visual Effects Supervisor: John Earle
Editor: Lee Gingold
Design & Animation: Dan DeGloria, John Earle, Lee Gingold, George Sepulveda, Paul Imperio, Arturo Echeverria
Color Grade / Look Development: Lee Gingold
Rotoscope: Alejandro Monzon

Rain NY
Agency: Rain
Director: Tim Whitney

Christopher Webb Films
DP: Chris Webb