Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters – Show Graphics Package

The Most Dangerous Game.

ITV Studios once again relied on Houses to help build a graphics package for their show Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters on Animal Planet. The program structure tells two coinciding stories of bounty hunters looking for “their man.” One set of bounty hunters are located in Colorado and the others are in Montana. The show cuts back and forth between the two stories and Rocky Mountain locations. 

While the show is about fugitive recovery it is also about the vast landscapes of the West and the expansive beauty of North America’s largest mountain range. Animal Planet and ITV wanted to focus on the wilderness aspect so we made sure to include some epic shots in the editorial.



Houses in Motion
Creative Director: Dan DeGloria
3D Design & Animation: Tim Lines
Location Cards Design & Animation: Dan DeGloria
Editorial & Color Grade: Dan DeGloria

ITV Studios: Season 1
Executive Producer: Jerry Decker
Line Producer: Kyra Vogt
Post Supervisor: Lauren Costello

ITV Studios: Season 2
Executive Producer: Jerry Decker
Line Producer: Aaron Levine
Post Production Coordinator: Courtney Boyd
Post Supervisor: Rachel Terry