MAC Cosmetics

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MAC Cosmetics

We worked with MAC Cosmetics regularly for well over 3 years. In that time we created a variety of design and animation for everything from in-store LED displays & projections for live events to viral videos for web and even NYC’s Taxi TV! It is always something and someplace new.

The majority of our efforts go towards creating content for their growing number of retail stores. What started out as 2 stores in NYC has now expanded to numerous spaces all over the world. Some of the more exotic locations include The Champs Elyseés in Paris and Bangkok Airport in Thailand. Not to mention that NYC now has 5 stores of its own, including Times Square & 5th Avenue… they’ve really been keeping us on our toes. Every location has a unique layout where screen size and installation varies. Though content may be the same for each location, we ensure that all screens get a proper fit for their specifications. Above you’ll can see a brief selection of just some of the work Houses has created for these locations.

In addition to in-store, we’ve had the privilege to create content for many of their live events. The most exciting for us was the presentation featuring flamboyant figure skater, Johnny Weir. We we’re brought on to create a dreamy environment for Johnny to skate in front of. The idea was that he is tiny skater inside a snow globe who comes to life and breaks free of his glass prison. We created a wintery environment, snow globe, and the resulting explosions and snow storm for the performance. This was unique for our work with MAC as we are often constrained to a particular product’s artwork or model photography.

However, we don’t let restrictions temper our creativity. In ‘Heavenly Creatures’ we used actual product photography to create the planets. Those patterns are actually what the eye shadows look like in the compact. This inspired us to create the harmonic convergence of planets you see in the video. We always aim to create some sort of narrative from the products and photography we’re given to work with.


Perhaps our favorite collaboration with MAC was when they teamed up with DC Comics to bring Wonder Woman into the MAC universe. Working from only 5 illustrations, penned by Michael Allred, we were able to tell an energetic and engaging story. We wanted to take the retro comic feel and bring it into a contemporary realm; incorporating 3D comic elements that burst of the page, separating the illustrations in order to create a world with depth, dynamic camera moves, and other visual trickery to keep the action going. 

The icing on the cake is the cinematic original score by Beta Petrol. This was a lot of fun to work on, from concept to delivery. MAC has been a fun and challenging partner to work with and we look forward to creating even more unique and entertaining pieces with them in the future.