American Eagle Outfitters – Electronic Billboard Videos

Fly Like an Eagle… ’til I’m Free.

American Eagle Outfitters

Houses has had a lot of fun working with the iconic clothing retailer, American Eagle Outfitters. Since the summer of 2012 we’ve been creating a ton of content for their enormous electronic billboards in Times Square. These boards are an icon in their own right, composed of 11 individual panels and standing over 22 stories tall. With all the panels synced, we are able to create some truly monumental displays.

Many of the projects we work on for AE are editorial in nature. We’ll take their lovely footage and craft mini-stories anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds in length. These usually feature the current season’s models, some who happen to be regular AE customers with interesting skills or hobbies. We’ll sift through massive amounts of footage looking for the moments that will translate best on the big screens and provide a nice story for the people on the street. We finish everything off with a color grade and the requisite supers. Check out the samples below.


For the Fall 2012 campaign we gave each cast member their own :30 feature. Each cast member is unique, but you’ll notice how we created some consistency between the edits. Full screen takeovers add a big impact.

We’re not limited to just editorial. Houses is also creating quite a bit of custom animation for the big screens. The scale of the billboards allows the understated nature of AE’s branding to come through as powerful without taking away any of its elegance.

Be sure to see our latest works for AE the next time you find yourself in Times Square. You can’t miss it!

In total, we’ve created over 50 unique animations and videos for Times Square alone. This number will continue to climb as we strengthen our relationship with AE. We’ve also been creating in-store video content. Our Denim Fit Guides play in all flagship stores from North and Central America, through Europe and Asia, giving customers the lowdown on every fit and style available. We’re in over 17 markets world wide (and counting!).