Opening up a new shop is a lot of work. But one the fun things is getting new stuff to fill up the space! More stuff!

We tried as hard as we could to purchase only items made here the USA. We’re happy to say that we were pretty successful! Not only does it make us feel good buying American made products, but the quality of the items and customer service we received from these companies really impressed us. We want to give them a shout out because we love the furniture we are surrounded by 5 days a week.

Our awesome work chairs are from Humanscale. The Diffrient World Chair looks sharp and is super comfy.

Turnstone, a Steelcase company, designed our work tables. These things are really amazing, modular and beautiful. You can even get crazy add-ons like skateboard racks and planters if you like.

We also brought in our own vintage Steelcase desks to add to the studio. Mine is from 1979 and still holds up great. Dan’s was acquired from a pick we did of nearby Ivy League university.

Lastly, our lounge area is fully decked out with newly built, mid-century designs, courtesy of Thrive Home Furnishing. All of their products are hand crafted in Los Angeles. Pretty sweet.

Not everything is made in the USA, but hopefully some day that will change.