Art House. Design House. Film House. Fun House.

Houses in Motion is the Brooklyn based creative studio specialized in visual storytelling through design, animation, and live-action productions. Boutique by design, we take pride in delivering high quality work, without sacrificing personal touches and close relationships.

While we excel in many areas, our favorite approach is to push beyond one expected technique and work in a variety of mediums to create something truly unique. 


Design, Animation, Compositing, Visual Effects, Direction, & Live-Action productions, for the Broadcast, Commercial, Social Media, and Electronic Signage markets.  Simply put, we create content for any and all screens. Our in house fabrication studio allows us the flexibility to innovate and elevate projects using unexpected and tactile solutions.

As quirky and nimble arbiters of taste, we know that it’s not just about curating work that inspires and informs… but that also entertains. We deliver powerful visual stories by working directly with Agencies, Brands, & Broadcasters.



Our studio has been thoughtfully designed to include areas that encourage the flow of creativity. While we have comfortable work stations for all our digital needs, it’s the dedicated fabrication area for creating tactile assets that makes our studio unique. Almost all the tools and materials to create practical elements are within an arm’s reach, which is why we never shy away from, and often encourage, the use of mixed media. Once we’ve made something wonderful, we’re also equipped with ample space to shoot both tabletop and small-medium sized live action shoots. We’re able to keep it in House… and in Motion.  Sorry, we couldn’t resist. 


John Earle
John Earle

Founder / CCO

John has been a leader in NYC’s design & animation scene for nearly two decades. His experience in the broadcast and commercial industries has provided the skills to guide any project from concept through delivery. Animation and Visual Effects are at the core of his process, reinforced by his technical prowess and capacity to see beyond the brief. At Houses in Motion, he takes on the role of Chief Creative Officer, combining his command of creative and team building. John is well regarded for communicating complex ideas clearly, to both client collaborators and the team at Houses, elevating all productions within.